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Snow-man II.

Sunday, January 6th, 2008

After my last post, I got an advice, how to make snow-man a bit bigger and still fit into number of pieces available. I have tried several times but still without full success. Structure on the top is much bigger than before (210 rods instead of 90) and I was not able to make reinforcement stable enough to carry top two balls. The best attempt collapsed just before finishing - before adding last five rods on the top. Unfortunately, I have only picture showing completed second ball.


If completed, this snowman will have 507 rods without any reinforcement.

But anyway, I don’t plan to repeat this construction soon, I will start with something else.


Saturday, December 29th, 2007

First attempt using additional pieces from Christmas days…

I haveĀ  added almost twice our previous collection - 360 rods, 240 balls (10xGeomag Color 60) and 3 packages of pentagons.

Unfortunately, it seems that I still don’t have enough pieces. Currently missing some plastic - mainly squares.

I have started with “big” ball. Such a big ball was not possible to make with only 180 rods from previous collection.

First Ball - incomplete

From this point I had to worry about stability of the ball - I had used all squares available, so all squares on the top of the ball remained without any support.

Ball 1

But finally, I have managed to complete first ball. For the second ball, I had to use smaller size than planned - again, no squares.

Ball 2

You can see also yellow rods inside first ball - as a reinforcement, to be able to carry other two balls.

Ball 3

All balls completed, just to add some final touch and snowman is complete.


Rods: 417
Blue: 174 pcs, Green: 132 pcs, Red: 57 pcs and Yellow: 54 pcs
Balls: 161
Weight: 3.457g