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Collection Update

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Christmas was very good for the collection. Huge addition. Number of rods, the most important part, tripled. So new collection image is necessary.

New collection image

It should be enough even for bigger projects :-)

(some pentagons don’t have the right color, I will change it soon).


Saturday, December 29th, 2007

First attempt using additional pieces from Christmas days…

I haveĀ  added almost twice our previous collection - 360 rods, 240 balls (10xGeomag Color 60) and 3 packages of pentagons.

Unfortunately, it seems that I still don’t have enough pieces. Currently missing some plastic - mainly squares.

I have started with “big” ball. Such a big ball was not possible to make with only 180 rods from previous collection.

First Ball - incomplete

From this point I had to worry about stability of the ball - I had used all squares available, so all squares on the top of the ball remained without any support.

Ball 1

But finally, I have managed to complete first ball. For the second ball, I had to use smaller size than planned - again, no squares.

Ball 2

You can see also yellow rods inside first ball - as a reinforcement, to be able to carry other two balls.

Ball 3

All balls completed, just to add some final touch and snowman is complete.


Rods: 417
Blue: 174 pcs, Green: 132 pcs, Red: 57 pcs and Yellow: 54 pcs
Balls: 161
Weight: 3.457g

How to start?

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Go and buy some Geomag, of course…

And after that, you can create a picture, displaying what you have bought. Like me.

My Geomag Collection

And you can try to build something. Like a pyramid or Eiffel tower or electromotor…